Well, hello there!
I'm Rashain Jayanetty

Rashain Jayanetty

I’m enthusiastic to develop E-Commerce stores that provide solutions & create a connection to users.

More about me

I’ve been in the industry for over 8 years designing & developing interactive user experiences with the aesthetics of the web.

I started my career as a UI Engineer for Navantis IT developing & designing for SharePoint projects, before joining Totalamber Pty.

After joining Netstarter Pty, I joined the E-commerce world by perfecting themes for Magento 2 & Magento 1 projects.

As a member of team Sprii DMCC, I worked on Magento 2, React JS, Next.js projects. Affiliated with the UX designers, SEO team & the project owners to provide solutions, whilst developing & optimised stores.

At leisure, I self studied, spent time in the Shopify Community supporting stores by developing features, themes, store optimising, running UX Audits, providing solutions & bug fixing to increase conversions.

That led me to join Kemana, where I work as a Shopify Developer and streamlining the process for Shopify projects.

Work I've Done

What people say

Guy Jarman

Rashain is a frequent collaborator on bespoke web development projects. He is meticulous in detail and frequently feeds back new ideas to improve the user experience of our e-commerce site. I will recommend Rashain for those looking to improve their brand profile on any e-commerce platform.

Abi Hewitt

Rashain totally upgraded our site Love Welcomes and made it much more user friendly for multiple countries.  Rashain has an extensive knowledge and is clear and effective at  communicated.  He made difficult challenges easy and manageable.  He was also proactive around deadlines!  Thank you Rashain!

Miracle L

Rashain has a professional approach, pays attention to detail & maintains a good rapport with his clients. He made our site within a short period of time and gave us essential advice on how to maintain the site. His interest in the work that he does is admirable.

Karen Valadares

I have worked with Rashain at Netstarter and I have now hired him to provide support to my business (abrasileira.club). He has good knowledge and a great attitude when a challenge comes along. He is reliable and has great communication skills. I highly recommend him.

Tanya Natasha Mawella

Rashain was a colleague of mine at Totalamber. A creative individual and a team worker, he spent focused and dedicated time on work whenever required, even if it meant staying back late to ensure the work was complete and delivered on time. His input can be valuable to any project that would require his expertise.

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